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Unlike other buying groups which are Corporations, the Canpro Decorating Products Cooperative is a 100% member owned Cooperative registered by the Government of Canada under the Canada Cooperatives Act. 

Already a member of another buying group?

Ever wonder how a buying group can operate without having any fees or costs to it’s members? Free buying groups recover the costs of the operation and obtains  their profit by having “back end deals” from the vendors, hidden central purchasing discounts, and or by retaining part of the annual volume rebates that the members earn from the vendors. Every discount that Canpro gets from our vendors is passed along to our members, and 100% of the volume rebates we collectively earn is  passed back to the members that made the purchases.   

Of course there is a cost of operating a buying group, and this has to come from somewhere. The shareholder members of Canpro pay a fee to belong, and a very small upcharge on purchases (1/4 of of 1 percent.. that's .0025 billed on a monthly basis). 

Canpro is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. By law every shareholder of Canpro gets a copy of our annual financial statements, after all they are the owners of the buying group, not merely customers or members. You cannot get much more transparent.

Quality Vendors

We have the largest number of  quality vendors, that meet all of your needs from paint, coatings, wallcovering, tools, spray equipment, home decor, flooring, blinds in short almost everything in your stores, all with strong programs that will save your company money. 

With Canpro's $115 Million Dollar volume,  combined with ALLPRO's Billion Dollar per year volume , that gives our members very powerful buying power and volume rebates. 

In 2002 Canpro became a shareholder of the ALLPRO buying group in the United States, which has over 1800 independent store fronts in the United States, Canada, Ireland, England and Bermuda. 

Canpro members enjoy all of the benefits of the ALLPRO supplier programs.

Canpro and Allpro members have access to over 1500 ALLPRO and Canpro private label sku's, that are our exclusive brand not available in box or chain stores.  Brushes, Rollers, tools, drop sheets, masking paper, masking tape, pails and mixing cups, paint sprayers, the list goes on and on. All made to ALLPRO specs by the leading manufacturers of quality products.